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King Ribs Bar-B-Q

Indianapolis Metro - NORTH
4130 N Keystone Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46205
(317) 543-0841

Indianapolis Metro - WEST
3145 W 16th St
Indianapolis, IN 46222
(317) 488-0223

Indianapolis Metro - WEST
5610 Georgetown Rd
Indianapolis, IN 46254
(317) 291-2695

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King Ribs Bar-B-Q

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Long before you can see this bright-red brick building, you can smell the barbecue pit. Don't be alarmed at the smoke pouring from the back -- just savor the aroma. Drive-thru service is available, as well as counter service with a choice of indoor or outdoor seating. An abbreviated menu makes ordering quick and easy. Choose from ribs, chicken, mac 'n' cheese and baked beans (the secret ingredient is green pepper). Long-time customers have come to expect the slice of white bread with each order -- they know it helps wipe up the sweet and tangy sauce. Save room for pie, either sweet potato or chess. King Ribs has five locations in Indy. The 16th Street store, conveniently located between downtown and the racetrack, features lunch specials for gnawing as you watch your favorite drivers going around in circles.

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