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Rascal’s Fun Zone

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Outdoor Go-Karts!
Family Gran Prix Track - A winding 1000 foot track with an over and under bridge. Go-Karts run at once with single seat karts and two-seater karts so Dad can take junior for a ride. 56" to drive alone and 58" to drive a double cart with passenger.

Malibu Slick Track - A winding road course designed for our special Eagle Slick Karts which require skillful driving to keep from sliding out of control. 60" height minimum height requirement.

Tiki Paradise - 18 holes themed with waterfalls, lakes, & tropical Tikis & palm trees!

Animal Kingdom - 18 holes themed with river rapids, lakes jungle animals and palm trees. Play over the water during several holes!

MVP Player of the game awarded a prize!!

Blaster Boats
Bumper Boats equipped with water cannons in a tropical pond. Bring a are guaranteed to be soaked!  Spectators watching can get in on the action to with stationary water canons!

Indoor Go-Karts!
Family Gran Prix Track - A winding road course running electric 2-seater karts so the whole family can race together!  56" to drive alone and 58" to drive a double cart with passenger.

Rookie Track - Indy oval racing with smaller go-karts for the beginner racer!  44" to 55" tall to drive.

Baha Bowling - We offer 10 lanes of mini-bowling with automatic scoring and bumpers for the little ones.  No rental shoes needed! 5 Frame game.

Indoor Bumper Cars
Spin Zone - The Spin Zone Cars can go FORWARDS and BACKWARDS, but they also SPIN. You can SPIN yourself, or "bump" any car on their left or right side, and send them into an uncontrollable SPIN!

Large Arcade
Tokens, Tickets, Prizes - The best in electronic entertainment with over 50 games! The best in redemption games for you to win tickets to exchange at our giant prize center.

Everyone is a winner!!

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